Earth to Joe Paterno’s ASS KISSERS

I am getting very disgusted with idiots like Matt Millen STILL KISSING JOE PATERNO’S ASS.

Let me make this simple for them:

  • Joe Paterno and other higher ups KNEW about Sandusky’s activities since 1998.
  • Joe Paterno, et al COVERED UP for Sandusky because of the BAD PUBLICITY they knew the crimes committed by Sandusky would bring.
  • Joe Paterno, and the gang are just as morally culpable as Sandusky, because they KNEW they had a SEXUAL PREDATOR AND A PEDOPHILE IN THEIR MIDST, and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT
  • This has to be the WORST scandal in SPORTS HISTORY, and Paterno’s legacy is  destroyed. NO DOUBT.  
  • Joe Paterno, and his gang put FOOTBALL and PENN STATE before the welfare of YOUNG CHILDREN, THE SICK JACKASSES.

Take Down that Statue of Paterno. I mean, really. 

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